What people say about Jitendra Pant

Jiten has been the greatest mentor I could have asked for. He inspires me to be the best that I can be. He sees my potential and helps me thrive. I am nearing my dream of becoming a medical doctor with his motivational words and support at every step. His mentorship has been life changing for me.

Dieu Thao Nguyen, Executive Secretary, Gates Millennium Scholar

Jitendra is both a natural leader and speaker. When speaking, he can captivate the audience immediately and hold their attention through his entire speech. His motivational speeches have left a life-long impact in my personal and professional pursuits. He inspired me to live my dream to be an author like no one else ever did.

Jeremiah Bohn, Senior, Finance Manager, Terry College of Business

Jiten genuinely speaks from his heart, and his ability to command the stage and powerfully project his voice naturally invites emotion into his work. In Jiten, I see the passion in every gesture he makes and in every word, he speaks. I can vouch for his impactful motivational speeches.

Tyler Chen, President, Toastmasters International Club, UGA

Life seemed unfair at some point when I was trying hard for a research career but without getting any positive results. Within few months of Jitendra mentoring, I secured an admission with a full fellowship at my dream University: Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore”. I highly recommend his Leadership Coaching.

Ashish Saxena, Research Scholar, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Jitendra is a natural motivator and can inspire you instantly with his speaking abilities. I met him in US and from the very first meeting was amazed by his work ethics, energy level and confidence. I am highly impressed and moved by his motivational speeches and greately recommend his Leadership Coaching. Without an iota of doubt, I can say that Jiten will be a houselhold name in coming years and will touch many more lives.

James Manuel, Post-doctoral fellow, Korea

Under the guidance of Jitendra Pant and his Leadership training, my life has been changed immensly. My perception has been changed from that of a careless person to a highly motivated and responsible one. Now, my dreams have a very high standard and I belive that I can conquer the world. Ultimately, I am much happier than before . If there are more people like Jitendra, this world will be a much happier place. God bless him for his vision.

Gaurav Kothari, Software Engineer, HCL technologies, India

Meeting Jitendra helped me meet my true self. He has a very positive persona which is awe inspiring. He is a natural motivator and genuinely cares about helping people. If you want to change your life for good—just be around him and he will make you achieve the impossible.

Dhruv Sood, Graduate Assistant, Ryerson University, Toronto

Energy, Enthusiasm, and Engagement are the words that define Jitendra very well. I got to meet Jitendra during my Masters in BITS-Pilani University. Jitendra is a very dynamic and talented person. He is a charismatic speaker and has the power to touch your life in minutes. His life strategies can help you meet your inner greater inner self. Jitendra is an essential force to bring about some of the best things that happen to my life. If you ever get lucky to listen to him-Don’t miss it, otherwise it would be a big loss.

Darshan Pujara, Senior Design Engineer at Larsen & Toubro

Jitendra is a brilliant speaker and motivator. Jitendra brings humor and very interesting stories to your attention to inspire you in a simple yet very impactful way. His motivational speeches are genuine, relatable, and knowledgeable. He has an amazing positive energy. He has always inspired me to work for my dreams and achieve them. It’s always a pleasure to have him around and listening to his life changing motivational speeches.

Shivani Gupta, Research fellow, Standford-India BioDesign program

I've had the pleasure of interviewing and writing about Jitendra Pant, for the university's Graduate School magazine (http://gradmag.uga.edu/discovery-the-life-of-jitendra-pant/.) It takes more than intelligence to be an outstanding scholar. It takes deep curiosity, originality, passion, and drive. Jiten has all those qualities. It is a sheer joy to know him

Cynthia Adams, US based Author and Editor

Jitendra Pant

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